Wednesday , 24 January 2018

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Road Rage

Road rage is something that most everyone faces unless you stay home everyday all day. Seriously though road rage is something you and I both face at different points during our lives. You don’t always have to be the driver to deal with this either. It seems people are in such a hurry and have very little patience for many ... Read More »

Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence (DV) is a very personal topic for me and I feel very strong about my views, as I discuss this topic with you. This topic might be something you yourself have personally been through or have known someone who has been through domestic violence. When I started my blog I made the decision that I would need and ... Read More »


Cute little munchkin :-)

Halloween always seemed like a fun time to me when I was young. You get to dress up and were funny costumes not care what anyone thinks and get yummy candy. Sadly though there are some people who take the fun out of trick or treating for kids. Some individuals will actually poison candy and put dangerous objects in the ... Read More »

Natural Disaster


If  you had your choice to move anywhere what would be some of the deciding factors? Do you have any deal breakers that would eliminate certain states? Some people like a cooler climate and some prefer a warmer climate. I prefer to live somewhere that doesn’t have a long-lasting history of natural disasters. When mother nature calls we can’t control ... Read More »