Wednesday , 24 January 2018

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Juan Carlos Chavez Execution

The death penalty what are your thoughts on this? For some reason many people seem to have very mixed feelings, about giving a convicted killer the death penalty and in some cases the way the murderer should be killed after receiving the death penalty. You know this really does bring outrage to loved ones who are stuck in the middle ... Read More »

Kanye West you need to RELAX


Kanye West…marketing genius or public disaster? Ok ok I know what you’re thinking “ugh not another escapade Kanye West acting up in the eye of the public again.” This guy, Kanye West I swear to God a month cannot go by without him tripping up somewhere or causing some type of trouble. Apparently now he is named a suspect in ... Read More »

Road Rage

Road rage is something that most everyone faces unless you stay home everyday all day. Seriously though road rage is something you and I both face at different points during our lives. You don’t always have to be the driver to deal with this either. It seems people are in such a hurry and have very little patience for many ... Read More »

Bullies be gone

Handout photo of Rebecca Sedwick

Have you ever been the victim of bullying? Here is a link that provides a few different definitions of the word bully, but I am sure each of us can think of a few life experiences on are own that might provide a better example. I have found life experiences can teach us a better definition of a word or ... Read More »