Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Thanksgiving tips

Thanksgiving tips



As most states have set the clocks back 1 hour, it seems to be that time of year again for the holiday hustle and bustle to begin. I have always felt that after Halloween through December 31 the time just goes by so fast almost in the blink of an eye. I have known many people who don’t really care for any Holidays. As they feel it is not worth the stress or the expenses that come along with the holidays if you are the one that will be the host of the festivities. I would have to say some of the other big reasons I have heard range from planning the meal for everyone, where will out-of-town family and friends stay or which rooms will each person sleep in, certain family members don’t get along with other family member’s, flying, driving, or going to the in-laws. 


It seems that more often than not people tend to be more concerned with how they will impress family or friends and forget what the holidays are really about. Do not ever take the time you can spend with loved ones for granted. The holidays this year could be the last for many. Try to remember what is really important and not worry so much about how much you can impress others. Many people wont have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with. I actually for a few years worked on Thanksgiving, but I decided that last year was my last year working anymore holidays.turkey

I have provided some helpful tips that might help keep you, your family, and your friends on track to having a stress free holiday this season.

1. Set realistic ways of thinking and how to plan the day or days events in advance.

2. Don’t wait until the last-minute to decide what to prepare for a meal or you will just cause yourself and others right along with you stress that is not needed.

3. If you are not that great of a cook you can always check to see what restaurants will be open in the area you live. Many families consider this a bonus as there will not be any clean up and most everyone will be happy with the food.

4. If you decide to have an early get together think of some games the whole family can do (at least for the people who are not crashed out from all the yummy food).

5. If you do decide to have the meal at your place and when thinking of where everyone should sit, a good idea is to have all the kids at one table and the adults at another. If you sit kids at the same table as adults the kids just might get bored with adult conversations.

6. Alcohol use for some around the holidays can get out of hand at times. If you have a family member who is a bit of a lush, I would be careful just how much alcohol you have around. You don’t want food getting thrown around (think of how hard you worked to prepare everything).

7. Be understanding if some family and friends either need to leave early or arrive later than others. Some people have to visit more than one place during the holidays and on the same day. 

8. If not everyone you invite shows up, don’t take it personal. Understand that sometimes money can affect doing things on the holidays and at times people don’t always like to make others aware out of feeling embarrassed. 

I hope the tips provided you with a sense of how to celebrate this Thanksgiving with less stress and a different approach to having a fun-filled holiday season with family and friends.



  • David S.

    Well said. Good words of advice.

    • CrystalDuna

      David thank you. I think most people can use the advice to help with cutting down stress during Thanksgiving.