Tuesday , 23 January 2018
The Color Purple

The Color Purple

The color purple I absolutely love! Purple stands out to me as a color that represents a feeling of calm, relaxation, easy on the eyes, it helps in times of relieving stress, and is also great with spiritual mediation. Did you know many artists prefer to use the color purple? There was a great artist by the name of Bob Ross (he is now passed away) who used the color purple in many of his paintings. Bob Ross is one of my favorite artists ever. Watching his videos always makes me feel so relaxed (if you have trouble sleeping this might help you as well). Below is a short clip of Bob Ross using the color purple.

I actually have a couple of purple color crystal gemstones. I like to surround my home with the crystals for peace. Crystals are very affordable ranging from $1.00 and up to $20.00. Of course you can also purchase crystal gemstones at a higher price, but for someone who is on a budget there is no need to spend more than $20.00. You can still get the same feeling of relaxation from the smaller price gemstones. Crystals can offer you the feeling of healing from within your inner self. Some people prefer yoga for this, but I prefer my gemstones and I like to light lavender incense throughout my home.

     Lavender Incense                                                                              Crystal Gemstone









I actually have a small purple silk bag  that I use to carry my gemstones in if I want to take them with me when I leave the house. Peace and harmony are all in how you make it. purple2




Great relaxation sounds. Check out the below videos


Remember it doesn’t matter where you live 


You can always find a technique that works for you. Now light that little candle and feel free of stress. God Bless……..