Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Landing that dream job

Landing that dream job

The unemployment rate is slowly starting to decrease. There are some states that have consistent job growth along with an ideal atmosphere to live. When you think of your future and the type of career you would enjoy what is your vision? Have you ever worked for a company that is constantly letting people go without any warning? The job market can be tough these days. Many jobs require some type of experience other than school or certain skill sets that you must know to perform the job.

One way to obtain skills is to be given a chance to prove yourself either on the job training, self-taught training, and in school. I personally learn best with hands on experience. I remember one time when I applied for a job at a hospital I wasn’t as qualified as maybe another individual, but I was eager and wanted to learn and be given the chance to show that I am a hard worker. The lady who interviewed me said “You know I have interviewed several other people who are very qualified and have much more experience then you”. I looked at her and said “I understand but I would really like to be given the chance to gain experience and prove to you I am a very hard worker. The only way I can get experience is if you give me a chance”. Well luck was on my side and I ended up getting a call a few days later. I no longer work at that job, but it helped me to gain experience and confidence.

Since the job market is so tough there is constant pressure of being able to outshine every person before you that has walked in for the same interview, for the same position. You have to figure out what makes you stand out from the rest. Sure experience and in some cases a college education helps, but if you are only as good as the resume you present, this just might not be good enough.

Fist off when you go to get that dream job make sure you smile and make good eye contact, but remember to look away every now and then or this can seem kind of creepy. Also make sure to stand up straight. Good posture not only helps your back, but it shows confidence. Be confident in what you say, but don’t brag about the experiences you have gained or the education you worked so hard for. Sometimes this can come off as arrogant and can prevent you from maybe landing that dream job you worked so hard to try to get. Make sure to do research about the company this shows you have a true interest and are not there just for the money.

Unfortunately sometimes experience and education are not always enough. I have heard more times than I can remember how someone only landed his/her dream career because he/she knew a person on the inside. Do you think someone who just landed a dream job and didn’t have to work for it can tend to forget just how hard it can be to work your way to the top with honest hard work?

A pet peeve I have had and I am sure many of you can relate is if your boss expects you to produce so much work everyday yet he/she can’t even do the same job you do because they have never learned the job you do. It seems silly to me that managers lecture employees about job performance yet the manager that does lecture you can’t even come close to doing the work you do because they don’t know how to do it themselves. It seems the job titles should be switched and you promoted to manager. You see my point is this, to gain experience sometimes you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. If you know the all around functions of a company then you will have more confidence in what you do but not have an arrogance about you.

You may be surprised but Google actually doesn’t look to hire you just off of a degree alone, but also how you relate to others as well as problem solving skills. One job that really stands out to me is when I worked as a Correction Officer. Many challenges came with that job. In the blink of an eye I had to be able to think quick, act fast, and make solid decisions not only for myself but my fellow co-workers without second guessing. Team work was a vital part of the day. We don’t always like everyone we work with, but learning how to adapt to changes can lead to a smoother transition for success in the workplace.

If you have self-doubt about applying for a job then the resume you present before your interviewer is only as good as the paper you printed it on. My tip to you go out and apply for different types of jobs that you would never have considered or thought you would have a chance at. Sure you will hear a variety of yes, maybe, and no, but applying for a job you could look at as a number game in the sense the more you apply for the better the odds are of getting hired, gaining experience, and more confidence. 

If you are interested in seeing what Google has to say take a look: