Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Tips to build Self-Esteem

Tips to build Self-Esteem

Do you ever wonder why some people lack self-esteem? Do you have low self-esteem? If you answered yes to either of the above questions I have some great tips that you can try to improve your self-esteem or you can help others during his or her process of building their self-esteem.

1. Know that you are important in this world to your friends and family.

2. Those that truly matter in your life will not judge you for the little mistakes you may make in life, but will be there for you and accept you for you.

3. Have a purpose that is filled with positive thoughts and people who inspire you to achieve your goals.

4. Know the reality of what you want and go for it.

5. Go to the gym. This is great for helping to build self-esteem and to keep you feeling better all over as well as helping with positive thoughts.

6. Eat well-balanced meals. Food does affect emotions as well as the amount of food you are eating.

7. Love you for you and accept what you can’t change but know what you can change and change what you want.

8. Get out and be social this can be very hard if you are a shy person. Sometimes you have to put yourself in situations you might normally not be in to break the cycle. Be a social butterfly.

Source: socialbutterflynicole.blogspot.com

9. Do not compare yourself to others. Remember looks, money and material things do not make you a better person or less of a person.

10. If you notice that certain people or places are negative and don’t put off a positive energy vibe for you learn how to slowly distance yourself if you can.

11. If  you have an idea about something you are passionate about be confident when speaking to others about it. Remember your dreams can also inspire others.

12. Look back on past achievements and be proud of your hard work.

13. If you wake up in a bad mood think of something or someone who made you laugh. This will help start your day out much better and your confidence will be a bright ray of sunshine.

14. Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Positive thinking helps to lift your mood and keep your self-esteem high.

15. Do not drink do drugs and surround yourself with people who just like to party all the time. These things can change your mood from extreme high to extreme low.

16. Learn to accept help from others as well as helping others.

17. Be true to who you are, be honest about the people you want in your life and the things you want in life and go for success in all areas of your life.