Saturday , 16 December 2017
Too Much Too Fast

Too Much Too Fast

Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser? I have watched that show on and off over the years. I have to say some of the people make some really remarkable transformations while on the show. Viewers of the show watch as the contestants do a big reveal after being off of the show for a decent amount of time. So basically when the filming of the Biggest Loser stops for that season each of the contestants it is up to them to stick with his or her weight loss goals. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I do know first hand what it’s like to struggle with weight loss. Weight loss takes a lot of hard work and dedication on many levels.

The Biggest Loser season 15 recent winner Rachel Frederickson made a very dramatic change in her whole appearance. Rachel almost doesn’t even look like the same person. When I was watching and seen the transformation I thought “Wow she of course you can tell is thinner, but something doesn’t seem right.  She looks almost sick or very frail like she is going to pass out”. Now this is just my feelings. I am hoping that Rachel didn’t do some drastic diet just to impress everyone that would be waiting and watching for her big reveal. I felt she looked very dehydrated and it worried me when I see her walk out because she looked a little off-balance while walking. At first I thought maybe it was the heels she had on, but the more I kept looking at her she seemed like she was going to fall over. photo rachelfrederickson.jpg

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Getting weight off can be one of biggest struggles many people will face. Rachel started off weighing in at 260 pounds and when she made her reveal she was down to 105 pounds. Along with the big reveal Rachel also won $250,00 grand prize. Many people like myself have expressed concerns for her health.

I think the Biggest Loser in some ways should only help with the weight loss, but not provide prizes for the weight loss. I think the prize of living longer and feeling better are price less. The prize for the constants should be better self-esteem, feeling healthy among many other things. I guess it doesn’t make sense to me why prizes of any kind should be awarded for losing weight. That would be like rewarding people with prizes who maintain a healthy weight all the time.

I understand the trainers want to push the contestants to go above and beyond to get the weight off, but I wouldn’t say it’s always the best and the most healthy way. There is a misrepresentation in some ways with the training and weight loss for the contestants. Jillian Michaels has cheated with her teams in the past and you never know she could very well still be doing this. Jillian actually gave her team caffeine pills. Jillian made it clear she doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

I disagree with Jillian it’s a big deal because she was dishonest and keeping this from people who were not on her team. I actually lost a bit of respect for her, because in some ways Jillian is putting on a false image of acting like all contestants do the show the healthy way. I guess under her standards that’s healthy.

I really feel that the Biggest Loser needs to consider doing the show in a different way and getting rid of Jillian. I think Jillian is a bad representation when she has to cheat with her team just to try to get ahead. Let’s say for example if one of the contestants on her team gets easily addicted to the caffeine pills and has trouble staying off of them.

That leads to another health issue that I am sure Jillian wouldn’t be there to say sorry and take any blame for it.  When someone wants to lose weight the majority of people will try to get the weight off the fast way and that doesn’t always mean in a healthy way. I wish Rachel the best and hope that she sticks with staying fit in a healthy way and she could be. I guess in time all things are revealed.

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  • caffeine pills are bad, imagine swallowing them and having to do such hard core exercise would put even normal people’s hearts at risk. geez. where is fair play nowadays?

    • Crystal Duna


      I agree that caffeine pills or high amounts can cause many issues. Many times I have heard people say how there chest hurts and it is racing all the time. Then I find out they consume tons of caffeine everyday, but wonder why the chest pain among other things. I suppose feeling and living a healthy life is different to everyone.