Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Two must haves

Two must haves

If you are on the computer a lot and use a laptop, the two below items are a must have. Do you use a laptop at a coffee shop, at home sitting on the couch or in bed? Do you ever notice that if you are on a laptop the majority of your day and you don’t sit at a desk that you start to have neck pain and get sore after a while? This is because with most laptops you are looking down and not at a proper angle.

I had been looking around for a while to find a good LapDesk to put my laptop on and I wanted to find something for better wrist support. I have to say I am very pleased with just how great the two items I purchased are. Both are very affordable. You can purchase both items at Best Buy in person or online.

This is the LapGear – Deluxe Computer LapDesk – Black . This is normally $29.99 it was on sale for $24.99

There are a few great things about this: It keeps the heat off your legs, because as you know laptops can cause heat so this way your legs will get a break from feeling hot. I really like this product also because it holds your laptop without it sliding everywhere. If you like to use a mouse there is enough room for that as well on the LapDesk. You will have great support for your wrist and part of your forearms because you can rest your arms without them hurting or feeling uncomfortable.

Below is the front of the LapDesk. There is great support for your wrist and forearm and it has a soft pad.

Best Buy front of LapDesk. http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/two-must-haves/ photo BestBuylapdesk22.png

Now we have the back part of the LapDesk.

The back is great because it provides comfort on your legs, keeps your legs cool and as you can see it has two zipper pouches. The pouches are good if you like to use a flash drive you wont have to wonder where you placed it, because you can put the flash drive in one of the pouches and always keep track of it.

Best Buy back of LapDesk. http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/two-must-haves/ photo BestBuylapdesk21.png

The next item that is a great buy at Best Buy and is only $7.99 is the wrist cushion/wrist support.

I like this because it provides you with extra support if you have a bad wrist and it’s so affordable.

Best Buy wrist support. http://lusciouslivingtoday.com/two-must-haves/ photo BestBuywristsupport1.pngIf you are looking to improve how your neck feels when using a laptop and want better support for your forearm and wrist, I really recommend buying  both of these items. Both items with tax came to a total of $35.55. The LapDesk was $5.00 off the normal price due to being on sale.

Citation: Images/ Best Buy

Date: 1/4/14