Tuesday , 23 January 2018
Update: Jodi Arias penalty phase

Update: Jodi Arias penalty phase

For those of you that have been following the trial of the gruesome cold-blooded killer Jodi Arias if you haven’t already heard or read, once again another delay for the retrial of the penalty phase. This is getting really ridiculous for the family to have to live everyday waiting and wondering how much longer until Jodi will be legally punished for what she did  to Travis. Jodi was found guilty of first degree murder, now we are waiting for the sentencing of death or life in prison.

Due to a recent hearing on Monday March 17, 2014 the judge has ordered the selection for a jury to begin September 8, 2014. I would like to believe this will happen, but there always seems to be something that delays the case and the family getting final justice. I feel no matter what Jodi will pay in the next life for what she has done. She can try to put the reality of her fate off but she can only avoid her final punishment for so long.

I understand with the way the system works that all people deserve a fair trial, but this just seems to be getting out of hand. This is so overdue. Travis and his family and friends really do deserve some type of justice. The family and friends will clearly never get over what has happened, but in a way it seems they are being tortured everyday waiting for this nightmare to end and not have to deal with Jodi and her lies anymore.

The fact of reality is there were only two people there the night Travis was brutally murdered and the other sad fact is verbally we have only heard the side of Jodi because Travis will never be able to verbally tell his side. I do think there has been more than enough evidence though from the family and friends of Travis that speaks for him in many ways.

On the other hand the people who have been following this trial have heard Jodi who it has been proven time and time again how well she can manipulate people, the system, and tell lie after lie. When I think of Jodi I not only think of her as a killer but I also think of Jodi as a “Chameleon”, even though she doesn’t change colors to visually see it’s very clear she has many different personalities and will transform to what she feels you like to get on your good side or so she thinks.

There are many people who feel sorry for Jodi and believe the stories she has told. I say those people really need to wake up and understand just how horrific this killing of Travis was. In fact if you are a supporter of Jodi then I suggest you do your research and look at the pictures of what she did to Travis. I am not talking about the ones you see on TV that are rated for TV viewing. Look at the reality of what took place and look at the pictures that you don’t see on TV.

I really hope that justice will be given to Travis, his family and friends by the end of 2014. I just can’t imagine going through the torture everyday feeling as if things were never going to end. Let’s pray for the Alexander family and give them strength to get through this and somehow find a way to get through each day.




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