Friday , 23 February 2018

Update: Jodi Arias trial

As of October 24, 2013 there was a settlement conference held for Jodi Arias. The case is going to have a retrial due to a settlement not being reached.  A new jury will be deciding on the penalty phase. Let’s hope the new jury can reach a verdict of death or life in prison. The problem I have is if the new jury does give her life technically life does not actually mean life until you die in the Arizona prison system There is the possibility that if Jodi does get life then the Judge can allow her to serve twenty-five years. That is not any kind of sentence that speaks of justice to me as well as I am sure many of you that have followed the case feel the same way.

Just to remind you several times the attorneys for Jodi have requested to be off the case and not represent Jodi anymore. Unfortunately for the defense attorneys the judge would not allow this. So once again the family has to wait this process out. I would feel as though time was just standing still if I was a family member. Even when a life or death verdict does happen there will never truly be anything that can ever take away the pain. At one point Jodi said she would rather have death than life. Then of course she changed her mind. I never for a second believe she really wanted death. Jodi clearly likes the media attention. If she received death then she wouldn’t have any media attention until her number is up so to speak.

If you ever watched any of the TV interviews Jodi gave she constantly bashes Travis and doesn’t seem to be the least bit sorry for what she did. I do understand there are only two people who really know what happened that fateful day, but the evidence doesn’t lie. On the other hand Jodi has lied so many times about the events that happened I can’t count high enough to count the lies and much of this has been caught on tape.

If you are not familiar with how Travis was killed you can look the pics up. Warning the pictures are very graphic but the pictures show the reality of what happened to a young man by the hands of a brutal killer. If you have a weak stomach I would suggest not looking them up but if you do just type the following in Google and then select images Travis Alexander crime scene photos graphic. 

If you do look for the pictures this will help you to understand more why so many people all over the world cant help but feel sorry for the Alexander family and want Jodi to get what is coming to her.

                                                      Below Travis’s two sister’s and brother.