Monday , 22 January 2018
Visit Washington

Visit Washington

Recently I visited Washington State and I wanted to share some pictures that I took while there. The weather was cooler than where I currently live and it did rain 2 of the days while I visited the Seattle area, but I loved how green it was. Where I currently live there is not much green grass. People say it rains a lot in Washington, but it only rained a little bit each of the 2 days that it did rain.

I first visited the Seattle area. There is a great little park called Olympic Sculpture Park. Below you will see some of the pictures I took from the park and some of the other surrounding Seattle areas. If you visit the Olympic Sculpture Park it is free.

Olympic Sculpture Park

 photo IMG_20140426_103556.jpg photo IMG_20140425_133748.jpg photo IMG_20140425_124708.jpg photo IMG_20140425_124706.jpg photo IMG_20140425_124126.jpg photo IMG_20140425_123947.jpg photo IMG_20140425_123613.jpg photo IMG_20140425_123423.jpg photo IMG_20140425_123338.jpg photo IMG_20140425_122947.jpg photo IMG_20140425_122625.jpg photo IMG_20140425_122550.jpg photo IMG_20140425_122802.jpg
Other Seattle areas

 photo IMG_20140426_140004.jpg photo IMG_20140426_135920.jpg photo IMG_20140426_121737.jpg photo IMG_20140426_121053.jpg photo IMG_20140426_103551.jpg photo IMG_20140425_160817.jpg photo IMG_20140425_154849.jpg photo IMG_20140425_160716.jpg photo IMG_20140425_154859.jpg photo IMG_20140425_131542.jpg photo IMG_20140425_131118.jpgThis little place had great cooffee photo IMG_20140425_125831.jpg