CodeDom – An Advance Method For Code Technology at Operate Time

CodeDom, which stands for Code Document Item Product, is a single advance strategy presented by Microsoft.Web Framework to generate code at run-time. At application degree, it provides programmers the functionality to create a solitary language-unbiased code that can emit supply code in a specific language for afterwards demands.

Code Doc Object Product lies in the Program.CodeDom namespaces of the.Web Framework. The CodeDom has the subsequent benefits:

From a one code that utilizes the CodeDom to represent the framework of resource code that can produce supply code of any language supports the CodeDom specification.

The CodeDom enables supply code and assemblies to be produced, compiled, and executed dynamically at runtime.

It gives a language impartial object design for representing the composition of supply code in memory.
It acts as a source code translator between distinct languages.

Common usages of the CodeDOM contain:

Generating template code for emitting code wizards, coding examples, XML Internet companies consumer proxies, etc.

Dynamically compiling code in languages supported.
T4 (Textual content Template Transformation Toolkit) is yet another potent era instrument provided by Framework. Not like the CodeDom, T4 utilizes string concatenation to produce textual template to generate code. A good deal of the output code will be place into template blocks, in buy to make the code generator effortless to create and customize. qr codes Nonetheless, T4 is a language dependent and will need a independent code generator for every output language. On the other hand, the CodeDom enables builders use a one supply code to make the very same factor in different languages, which clearly give a enormous gain in building.Net Framework instruments.

Most programing constructs, which includes declarations, statements, arrays, casts, iterations, mistake handling and others, is supported by the CodeDom. For programing constructs that are not presently supported in CodeDom, “snippet” lessons including the CodeSnippetCompileUnit, CodeSnippetExpression, CodeSnippetStatement, and CodeSnippetTypeMember can be employed as generic illustration. For producing code in a certain language, a corresponding CodeDomProvider class will be essential.

At present there are Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeProvider and Microsoft.VisualBasic.VBCodeProvider that can be utilised to produce C Sharp code and VisuaBasic.internet code. Other programming languages don’t have CodeDomProvider yet, and might not have basic methods to represent some CodeDom constructions (delegates, enums, templates, and framework) because of to difference in language specs. Nevertheless, producing a CodeDomProvider is not a really complex activity, if the enter CodeDom framework is restricted. Programmers can constantly develop a CodeDomProvider for a distinct language by inheriting from CodeDomProvider, and toss exceptions if the building is as well tough to signify.