How Big Is A 20l Kanken?

What size water bottle fits in Kanken?

Standard, 16.9 oz.

plastic water bottles fit, too..

Is Kanken Swedish?

Fjällräven Kånken It was originally developed as a reaction to the increasing number of reports that Swedish school children were developing back problems from their more traditional bags.

Is a Kanken backpack worth it?

Kanken backpack classic is worth it, because it’s original. The material is an incredible quality and fits well for a high school student, and is waterproof. Excellent to travel. The color is fine, it looked darker.

How do you pronounce fjallraven in Swedish?

So its ‘R-ah-ven”.

Is Kanken cheaper in Sweden?

And it used to be if you spotted Kånken on the streets of NYC you knew, ‘There goes a Swede!’ … Crew, but they are also significantly CHEAPER than buying your Kånken in Sweden. I know, the crown is high right now. But the last time I bought a Kånken here it was 600 SEK.

How big is a 20l Kanken backpack?

45 x 35 x 13 cmFjallraven Unisex’s Kanken Big Backpack, Black, 45 x 35 x 13 cm/20 Litre.

How big is a 16l Kanken?

ROOMY: 16 L of storage space for everything you need and some things you don’t. Measures 14.9″ (38 cm) x 10.6″ (27 cm) x 5.1″ (13 cm). Weighs 0.7 lb.

How many liters is the classic Kanken?

16 litreFjallraven’s 16 litre Kanken bag has been around for decades with its back friendly design. A classic and practical design for everyday use and trekking.

Does Urban Outfitters sell real Kankens?

There are many many websites out there, selling real kankens, and also fake ones. There are also different companies that you can buy Kånken bags from such as Urban Outfitters. … because independent sellers sell their bags there and hence the authenticity is questionable depending on the seller.

What is the biggest Kanken?

The Fjallraven Kanken Big Backpack is a 20 liter backpack for everyday adventures. The classic Kanken has gotten bigger in this version, to 20 liters of space, for larger loads when you leave home.

Why is fjallraven Kanken so expensive?

These are very durable and long-lasting fabrics, which is one of the reasons that the price tag is not the most buyer-friendly. But when you consider the time, materials and effort put into such a product, it is self-explanatory as to why the brand’s products cost that much.

Is Kanken classic big enough?

It is tall enough to fit all of your books and your average 13” laptop. … The usual 15.6” laptop is 15” tall, so it might be a little tight in the pack. And if you put it in a sleeve, I don’t think it will fit. The capacity of the Kanken is slightly smaller than what you see in other everyday packs.