Quick Answer: How Much Money Does The CEO Of The YMCA Make?

Who is the richest CEO in America?

Elon MuskHighest Paid CEOs and Executives in 2018RankNameTotal1Elon MuskCEO513,278,9292Brendan KennedyCEO/President256,006,9463Bob IgerCEO/Chairman146,616,6524Tim CookCEO141,657,0766 more rows•May 17, 2019.

Who is lowest paid CEO?

The lowest paid CEOs of 2018 included Alphabet’s Larry Page and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, who each made $1.

Who is the highest paid charity CEO?

Top 50 highest-paid charity CEOsWynton Marsalis, Jazz at Lincoln Center. … Michael W Howard, Electric Power Research Institute. … C Darby, In-Q-Tel. … Clive Gillinson, Carnegie Hall / The Carnegie Hall Corporation. … Gordon van Welie, ISO New England. … Mary Leary, Mather LifeWays.More items…•

Who is the highest paid nonprofit CEO?

Highest-Paid Nonprofit CEOsRankPersonReportable compensation from the organization1Hudson, William$880,1082Durant, Lauren$592,0153Galbraith, Kathleen$494,981View This ListDec 5, 2017

How much money does the CEO of Goodwill make?

GOODWILL CEO and owner Mark Curran profits $2.3 million a year.

Can you get rich from a nonprofit?

Nonprofit secrets While a nonprofit organization itself cannot earn a taxable profit, the people who run it can receive a taxable salary. All nonprofits have administrative costs, which include not only expenses like paying rent and utilities, but also compensating the staff that runs the organization.

Who got highest salary in world?

Cristiano Ronaldo2017 listRankNameTotal1Cristiano Ronaldo$93 million2LeBron James$86.2 million3Lionel Messi$80 million4Roger Federer$64 million6 more rows

How much does the CEO of AHA make?

In summary, the AHA raised more than $800 million last year and has almost $900 million in net fund assets; compensated their top chief executive nearly $2 million a year, paid $6.5 million to a dozen other senior staff, provided senior management with a non-qualified retirement restoration plan, provided some senior …

How much does a CEO make per year?

A mid-career Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AED 500,833 based on 23 salaries. An experienced Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AED 773,877 based on 101 salaries.

How much do YMCA referees get paid?

How much does a Referee make at YMCA in the United States? Average YMCA Referee hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.47, which is 21% below the national average.

Why do CEOS of charities make so much?

Geography influences the top executive’s salary: CEO salaries at nonprofits reflect the regional variation in the cost of living. … The bigger the charity’s budget, the bigger the CEO’s wallet: Not surprisingly, the higher the charity’s total expenses, the more likely it is that the CEO will earn higher compensation.

Who is the richest CEO in the world?

Highest Paid CEOs and Executives in 2019RankNameTotal1Elon MuskCEO595,266,8172Tim CookCEO133,727,8693Tom RutledgeCEO116,995,2014Joseph IannielloFormer Acting CEO of CBS116,565,4956 more rows•Jul 10, 2020